Fingerprint identification module dispensing assembly

1. Industry introduction


2. Process characteristics

• the same process as the world's leading fingerprint recognition technology

• reduce manual involvement and improve quality

• a complete set of automation solutions to enhance the company's image

• assembly line operation to improve comprehensive efficiency

The solution

• camera module dispensing solution


1. Industry introduction

The camera module introduced in this application mainly includes: front and rear camera of mobile phone, front and rear camera of tablet computer, laptop camera, car camera and so on.In recent years, camera modules have developed rapidly, from low pixel to high pixel, from fixed focus to auto focus, and optical anti-shake, 3D imaging and other advanced functions will be added in the future.

2. Process characteristics

The camera module mainly includes the following parts: FPC, SENSOR, LENS, VCM, etc. Its internal structure is complex and precise, and many components need to be assembled by glue point, among which the assembly of VCM is more difficult.Currently on the market camera module automatic point

There are mainly the following difficulties in dispensing glue:

• components are too small, traditional dispensing equipment cannot meet the requirements;

• high requirements for visual system recognition and positioning ability;

• the efficiency and yield of contact dispensing such as needles are very low

• visual desktop robot PE441T+DS200

Electronic acoustic components dispensing solution

1. Industry introduction

Electroacoustic device is an indispensable component for people to transmit information and culture and art by means of sound. It has the functions of receiving, converting, transmitting, reproducing and measuring the sound.Electroacoustic devices mainly refer to speakers, speaker systems, microphones, earphones, earphones, receivers, transmitters, receiver sets, all kinds of communication caps and pickup and related accessories.

2. Process characteristics

Electroacoustic devices have similar main structures, which are composed of coils, vibrating membranes, magnets and external structural parts.With the development of components, there are higher requirements for the dispensing of corresponding components, and the dispensing process is required to be more intelligent, which can automatically identify the dispensing position and monitor the dispensing process.

The main difficulties in dispensing of electro-acoustic devices are as follows:

• refinement of dispensing position;

• dispensing position should be able to be automatically identified;

• consistency and repeatability of dispensing process.

• visual desktop robot PE441T+ needle/valve

Stick the phone border

1. Industry introduction

In the production and assembly process of mobile phones, the bonding of borders is a very important link. The traditional production technology mainly includes the bonding methods such as quick-drying adhesive and adhesive tape, which are prone to problems such as insufficient bonding strength and poor sealing performance.The phone bezel USES PUR heat

Melt adhesive has the characteristics of fast curing speed, high bonding strength, good sealing performance, and so on, so it quickly replaced the traditional bonding process, as the mainstream production process at the present stage.3C

2. Process characteristics

With the development of the mobile phone industry, in order to achieve a larger share of the screen, the mobile phone border is more and more narrow, for the narrow border of the mobile phone assembly has put forward higher requirements.

At present, the adhesive of mobile phone frame mainly USES the standard hot-melt adhesive. The main difficulties in the production of mobile phone with narrow frame are as follows:

• ultra-fine line width requirements;

• line uniformity and consistency;

• rubber strip is easy to size head, break glue, wiredrawing, etc.

3. Solutions

Recommended configuration: PE441T+ hot melt adhesive system

Optional: laser altimeter, needle correction

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