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Work under the high temperature and high humidity environment such as salt fog vibration of aviation navigation and military radar locomotive electronic equipment, such as their cold heat shock resistance, moisture resistance, ageing resistance, radiation resistance, salt fog resistance, resistance to ozone corrosion, vibration and other safety requirement is very strict, so the moistureproof, prevent salt fog, mouldproof 'three' coating technology is becoming more and more attention by all of us. 

Process characteristics

Traditional methods of surface coating, such as immersion and air gun spraying, often require high material (input and waste) and labor costs (a lot of labor, manual safety protection).The cost is made higher by surface coatings that do not contain solvents.Prociss's int.c series selective surface coating equipment provides manufacturers with a wide variety of production levels for small volume production and high volume production online.The system can provide a flexible integrated coating and curing function of the whole system, the system provides accurate, high-speed, safe surface coating, at the same time has good process control ability.Can achieve a variety of selective accuracy requirements (edge definition, thickness, efficiency).In this way, it can greatly reduce the cost, increase the output and yield.

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