1. Industry introduction

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are used as sensors and starters in many electronic products.Its sensing or initiating structure is produced by a semiconductor front-end process.The most commonly used MEMS components include microphones, inertial sensors, and gyroscopes.MEMS components typically include MEMS, special purpose integrated circuit (ASIC), matrix, welding wire, and cover/molding.MEMS assembly solves some unique challenges due to its accessibility and environmental protection characteristics.Prociss customers are using a range of dispensing devices for MEME manufacturing applications.

2. Process characteristics

Need to use fine solder paste sealing line and high positioning accuracy

In many cases, glass frits, rather than solder paste, are used to seal materials to form an airtight seal on MEMS that requires a vacuum

You need one or more dots to cover the atypia component in a short cycle time.

3. Solutions

On-line high speed visual dispensing machine SE series

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