SMT SMT processing of the operation of wave soldering related matters needing attention






Wave surface is covered by a layer of scale, in almost all along the length direction of the solder wave, keep the static, in the process of wave soldering, PCB comes into contact with the solder wave front surface, oxide skin is broken, and in front of the PCB solder wave without being Jun folds forward?This indicates that the whole oxide peel moves at the same speed as the PCB.

General in order to avoid the wave soldering welding bad, can use the following method to avoid: use good weldability components/PCB, improve welding Ji activity, improve PCB preheating temperature, increase the solder wetting performance, increasing the temperature of the solder, remove harmful impurities, reduce the cohesion of solder?To allow the solder to separate between the two solder joints.

Common preheating methods in wave peak welding machine: air convection heating, infrared heater heating, hot air and radiation combined heating method;Wave soldering process curve resolution: refers to the solder wetting time after contact with solder wetting start time, stop time means a solder on PCB from contact wave surface to leave the peak time, preheating temperature below refers to the preheating temperature is refers to the PCB and the temperature reached before the wave surface contact refers to the welding temperature, welding temperature is very important for welding parameters.Usually higher than solder melting point (183°C) 50°C ~60°C in most cases refers to the temperature of the solder furnace the actual operation of the PCB solder temperature is lower than the furnace temperature, this is because of the PCB heat absorption results.


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