The safe production responsibility system is according to our country's safe production policy 'safety first, prevention is given priority to, comprehensive management' and the safe production regulation establishes the leadership at all levels, the functional department, the engineering technical personnel, the post operation personnel is in the laboring living

The system of responsibility for safety in production.Safety production responsibility system is a component of the post responsibility system, is the most basic safety system in the enterprise, is also the enterprise safety production, labor protection management system

The core of the.

Contents of safety management activities:

1. Implement the responsibility system for production safety, establish and improve various production safety management systems and technical regulations, and earnestly implement them;

2. Establish and improve safety production management institutions, sign safety responsibility undertaking letters, and implement rewards and punishments;

3. Organizing safety production meetings;

4. Organization security risk control and evaluation;

5. Safety monitoring of special equipment and special operations;

6. Ensure all kinds of safety funds;

7. Organizing safety education and emergency training;

8. Carry out occupational health management activities and labor insurance protection in accordance with the law, and promote the construction of ISO45001 occupational health and safety system

9. Carry out the investigation and treatment of security risks;

10. Organize the preparation of emergency plan and response to safety accident report, investigation, correction and prevention;