In this paper, the assembly method and processing flow of SMT patch are explained in detail





As the most popular mount technology in the electronic industry, SMT mount processing and assembly has been widely used in the market.

The most common SMT patch assembly methods can be divided into single-sided assembly, single-sided assembly, double-sided assembly and double-sided assembly.Among them, single-side PCB and double-side PCB are used for single-side PCB and double-side PCB, while the mixed mode is more complicated.Single-sided assembly can be divided into the first paste method and post-paste method, and double-sided assembly is divided into SMC/SMD and FHC ipside mode and SMC/SMD and iFHC different side mode, will not be introduced here.

Next, we will understand the SMT patch assembly processing process.Different assembly methods correspond to different assembly process flow, and a reasonable assembly process flow is also the guarantee of assembly quality and assembly efficiency. After determining the assembly mode, the process flow can be determined for actual products and specific equipment.Due to the limited time, only the process of mixed installation of single and double sides is introduced here:

1. Single-side mixing: incoming material detection +A side of PCB silk screen printing solder paste (red glue)+ patch +A side refluxing (curing)+ cleaning + plug-in + wave peak + cleaning + detection + repair.

2. Double-sided packaging: incoming material detection +B side of PCB screen printing solder paste (red adhesive)+ patch +B side reflux (solidification)+ cleaning + flap +A side screen printing solder paste (red adhesive)+ patch +B side reflux (solidification) or (DIP+ crest)+ cleaning + detection + repair.

See here, you for SMT patch assembly and process more or less should have known?For customers in need, only by choosing the right SMT patch assembly and processing plant, can we ensure the quality and delivery of electronic products and truly save time and effort.


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