PCB laser marking machine makes PCB industry develop rapidly





As we all know, there are two main ways to mark PCB: screen printing and laser marking.

However, the traditional silk screen processing rough, the logo easy to fall off the user caused inconvenience.In addition, screen printing processing procedures are cumbersome, the need for timely replacement of operators to ensure production efficiency, increased labor costs. 

Compared with screen printing, the laser marking machine, with its precision and flexibility, can make up for the shortage of screen printing, has gradually become the best tool for PCB marking, and plays a pivotal role in the circuit board industry!

PCB laser marking machine is specially used for marking bar code, two-dimensional code, characters, graphics and other information on the printed circuit board.PCB laser marking machine is used to mark the information on the circuit board, which can record the related production information of the circuit board, realize the control of product information in the production process, and achieve the traceability of the whole life cycle of electronic products.

Then PCB laser marking machine and what 'flash'?

First: high precision.Laser marking is fine and precise and non-contact processing, on the surface of the material can be played out less than 0.1mm thin line and less than 0.5mm characters, Numbers, especially suitable for circuit boards, which require very small graphics and text marking.

Second, safety and environmental protection.Only a small amount of gas is produced and can be vented by means of exhaust, with no chemical assistance, to protect the operator's safety and working environment as much as possible.

Third: high quality.Electronic chips have high requirements for marking quality, clarity and permanence. Laser marking can achieve permanent and clear marking of the chip, which will not fade out due to high and low temperature, acid and alkali, friction and other external factors.


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