How to reverse the development of PCB industry and nirvana in the evolution





Printed circuit board (PCB) is an important component of modern electronic equipment and an important carrier for electrical connection of electronic components.As a major consumer of global electronic products, China's PCB market has been growing. However, due to the late start of the industry, insufficient technical reserves, and the gap between industrial finished products and the international mainstream, a large number of middle and high-end circuit boards and core components on the board rely on imports, the situation is extremely severe.Under the stimulation of various factors, Chinese people begin to take the road of PCB copy board against the trend of self-improvement. Guangzhou SMT patch xiaobin thinks whether it can truly achieve nirvana depends on the improvement of technology level, the reserve of patents and the layout of product evolution and development.


Industry status: PCB board is in urgent need of integration and reorganization

Perhaps still stuck in the past 'imitation' and 'imitation' of the concept of people think, PCB copy board can lead us to self-reliance?Just like the continuous evolution of history, PCB board copying industry is also changing constantly. Especially after experiencing the impact of the global economic downturn in 2013, China's PCB board copying industry has been facing various problems, mainly in the following aspects:Second, relative overcapacity, industrial integration is imminent;The third is the industry management existence error zone, to the industry development technology support insufficiency.In this regard, China's PCB board industry has been constantly transforming and upgrading, strengthening technological innovation and industrial integration and restructuring.


Copy board technology: high starting point digestion and innovation

In the past, maybe PCB copying was just copying PCB files, making BOM lists and reverse schematic diagrams according to the motherboard or prototype provided by the customer, and then completing the process of welding, debugging and making the prototype.However, now PCB copying board is more of a process of learning digestion absorption and re-creation.This innovative way of r&d from a high starting point can not only avoid industry risks and reduce the r&d cycle, but also greatly improve the cost performance ratio, which is of great benefit to the current cost, capital pressure and international competitiveness of China's PCB enterprises.

Looking into the future, PCB board copying industry is still optimistic. The rapid development of strategic emerging industries represented by mobile Internet, integration of three networks, Internet of things, cloud computing, smart grid and new energy vehicles will become a new driving force for the development of PCB board copying industry after computer, network communication and consumer electronics.Guangzhou SMT patch xiaobian believes that as the society continues to automatic, intelligent direction of development, hardware intelligent PCB board has become a pressing matter of the moment.Under the tide of domestic smart city construction, strengthening the localization of PCB copying board will strongly support the development of all walks of life under the trend of wisdom.


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