On the localization opportunity of SMT machine in China





After more than ten years of exploration, the basic technology of Mounter has been mature in China. With the wide application of SMT technology in the fields of computer, network communication, consumer electronics and automotive electronics, Dongguan SMT patch editor believes that the time is ripe for the implementation of the localization strategy of SMT.


The first is the combination of introduction and cultivation, through industrial investment funds and other ways to encourage domestic enterprises to merger and acquisition of foreign secondary placement machine enterprises.Adopting the development model of samsung SMT machine industry, and adopting the acquisition of foreign second-rate SMT machine enterprises through industrial investment fund and other means, the company implements the independent innovation strategy on this basis, and concentrates on the research and development of SMT machine vision technology, motion control, software and other key technologies.Locating in low speed, high precision and high flexibility placement machine market, under the background of the current economic climate, through mergers and acquisitions, in ways such as acquisition have technical advantages, but the market sales of manufacturers (such as the Netherlands than ong, etc.), comprehensive integrated existing technology foundation, reduce the development cost, shorten the process of industrialization. 


Second, we need to pool national strengths, jointly set up special research and development teams, and strengthen the connection between technology research and development and the market.SMT machine production involves a number of disciplines, a single enterprise is difficult to complete, must consider the upstream and downstream links collaboration, joint development.It is suggested that the government should take the large state-owned enterprises with high degree of mechanical and electrical automation as the main body, organize scattered r&d forces in China, jointly establish special r&d institutions, support special funds and actively guide social funds to enter, and ensure sustainable r&d capacity through multiple channels.At the same time, technology research and development and market docking synchronization, mutual promotion, accelerate the industrialization process. 


Third, optimize the market environment and accelerate the formulation of China's SMT industry standard system.On the one hand, we should actively participate in the formulation of the latest SMT standards of IPC, and strengthen the rights protection of the existing SMT industry standards in China at the national level.On the other hand, we should follow the development trend of SMT products and technologies in China's market, actively guide the formulation of domestic standards for electronic manufacturing and assembly process quality, communicate and share the successful specifications of domestic SMT enterprises, and promote their development into a new industry standard. 


Fourth, a national SMT r&d base should be set up to strengthen personnel training and international cooperation.The state should combine the industrial development strategy and regional development advantages, and set up smt-centered electronic manufacturing skill training bases for research institutes, universities and enterprises with good smt-related technology and process foundation, so as to train a large number of skilled SMT talents.At the same time, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, actively participate in international academic exchanges, seminars.



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