The development trend of SMT SMT in shenzhen





The development of SMT patch in shenzhen can be said to provide important help for the development of today's technology, whether it is household appliances or mobile phones we hold in hand, SMT patch is always around us.These electronic components technology in the present stage of many countries are strictly prohibited from export, it can be seen that electronic components in the country's position is more important.


The equipment and the program which is important.It is often taken for granted that the responsibility of the equipment maintainer is greater than that of the programmer.I don't think so.In the actual production of equipment failure rate is actually very low, and the replacement of machine and adjust component coordinates is always required, sometimes several times a day is not too much, this requires the full cooperation of the program personnel.The accuracy of component coordinates is directly related to production quality.In short, it's directly related to the programmer.If the equipment maintenance personnel is the guarantee of production time, then the program personnel is the guarantee of production quality.Unfortunately, it's remarkable how few people realize this, not even the programmers themselves.

Two, SMT SMT plant machine use and transformation.Obviously, the use of the environment is very harsh, the patch workshop to achieve dust, or even dust-free standards are necessary, because the dust on the key parts of the machine damage is very big.The service life of the patch equipment depends largely on the cleanliness of the environment.Next is the air supply system of patch equipment.The stability of air pressure directly affects the production quality and service life of the equipment, air pressure instability is easy to cause the suction nozzle blasting, although the placement machine itself also has a pressure stabilizing system, but its role is not obvious.So the pressure control is also important.Personally, I think it's better to supply a little higher than the standard (60MPa).Although it may affect the service life of the equipment, but can greatly improve the machine suction and typing capacity, so as to ensure the production quality. 

The production of electronic components occupies a very important position in today's technological development, especially the strict production environment is the general enterprise can not achieve.Shenzhen SMT patch development is due to the unremitting efforts and innovation of these manufacturers, just have today's continuous innovation of our electronic products.


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