Opportunities and challenges of 5G communication for microwave substrate research and development an





Since the concept of 5G was proposed, relevant technology research and development and industrial layout in various countries have been in full swing.At the same time, China's 5G is gradually becoming a global leader in standard research and development. Recently, the ministry of industry and information technology issued 5G commercial license, and China officially entered the first year of 5G commercial in 2019.The issuance of licenses exceeded expectations, and 5G fired the starting gun for commercial use ahead of schedule, accelerating the maturity of the industrial chain.

Should the majority of the printed circuit industry enterprises, China's electronic circuit industry association on July 12, 2019 (Friday), in shenzhen nanshan district: science and technology center building 2 f 9988 shennan avenue, the conference room, held a '5 g communications for research and development of microwave substrates and the opportunities and challenges of microwave circuit board processing' seminar, in object for printed circuit board production enterprise engineering and technical personnel, pay attention to the development of the circuit board and circuit board industry practitioners.




The teacher is Yang weisheng, a senior engineer from nanjing institute of electronic technology, structural technology research department and PCB manufacturing technology researcher.Mr. Yang graduated from the department of chemistry, nanjing university in 1984 with a bachelor of science degree in polymer synthetic materials.In 1987, he graduated from the department of chemistry, nanjing university, majoring in polymer chemistry, and obtained the master of science degree.Mainly engaged in radar products of various types of PCB (rigid multilayer PCB, microwave multilayer PCB, microwave digital composite multilayer PCB) scientific research, manufacturing technology and quality assurance.He has presided over and participated in a number of national, ministerial and sub-level research tasks, making a significant contribution to the technical improvement of radar product PCB of nanjing institute of electronic technology.Once won 'China electronic science and technology group corporation science and technology progress first prize'.During my tenure, I was invited to participate in the national electronic industry PCB military standard review, military PCB quality inspection technology import project acceptance, national military standard multi-layer PCB general specification review and other work, and published more than 200 professional academic papers, totaling more than 3 million words.He also wrote two academic monographs on printed circuit manufacturing, including 'microwave material selection and microwave printed circuit manufacturing technology' and 'printed board quality standard and process quality control', totaling 400,000 words.


Mr. Yang focused on the topic of 'opportunities and challenges of 5G communication for microwave substrate research and development and microwave circuit board processing'.

Part one: 5G is coming.

(1) 5G mobile communication and PCB technology;

(2) 'technology' of 5G millimeter wave deployment;

(3) 5G market trends and requirements for PCB technology and quality.

Part two: microwave substrate research and development and market demand dynamics.

(1) brief analysis on the key points of microwave substrate material research and development;

(2) analysis of foreign microwave substrate materials;

(3) domestic microwave substrate materials chat;

(4) selection of microwave substrate materials for 5G applications;

(5) glass fiber cloth and silicon micro powder power microwave base plate curve overtaking.

Part three: opportunities and challenges of microwave circuit board processing.

(1) PTFE dielectric based circuit board manufacturing process;

(2) multi-layer pressing method based on PTFE circuit board;

(3) microwave multilayer circuit board technology;

(4) difficulty analysis of multi-layer microwave circuit board processing;

(5) manufacture of PTFE circuit board.

Part four: related process technology and hot spot sharing.

(1) microwave multilayer circuit board planar embedded resistance technology;

(2) PCB embedding technology;

(3) LCP base sheet material and application.

This training activity has more than 80 people to attend, the training content has been approved by the trainees, our training work has been given by the member units and large group numerical control technology co., ltd. to give strong support, and hereby to express sincere gratitude to them.We will continue to strive to improve the industry's talent training level and technical reserve capacity to make our due contribution.


As the saying goes, 'sharpening the knife is not the wrong way to cut wood', a person can calm down to participate in learning training is very necessary.Learning training to set up for the development of the company to learn, to improve themselves, beyond the concept of learning;To study as a necessary responsibility, a spiritual pursuit, a state of mind to recognize and treat.Only through continuous learning, so that they have a wide range of knowledge and theory, noble moral sentiment, good personal quality, in order to become a qualified material.


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