A reference to the institution associated with the printing press's fatal accident





In recent years, the printing industry has happened many safety accidents, printing machine injuries, fire, it seems to have become commonplace.

Four people were injured in an explosion at a printing plant in zhengzhou, henan province, on Jan. 20.

A worker's left palm was rolled into a printing press and four fingers were clipped at a packaging company in guangzhou on Jan. 21.

On March 7, a man died after an accident at a printing press in nan 'an, fujian province.

On April 12, an explosion at Beijing changping colorful printing factory killed one person and injured more than 10 others.

On April 18, an employee of a printing enterprise in yuyao, zhejiang province was injured when his right hand was caught in the roller of a printing machine.

When we face again and again the printing industry safety accident, no longer regret, no longer sigh, we can not help but ask, is who paralyzed our nerves?Printer, who killed you by mistake?

There is no denying that the printing industry is a more hidden security industry.High speed operation of large printing machinery in the workshop, sharp cutting equipment, ink, solvents, paper, toxic chemicals are objective existence of unsafe factors, but this can not become the excuse for the repeated occurrence of safety accidents in the printing industry.

Like the printing industry, the railway is also a high-risk industry, yet its safety accident rate is falling every year.This makes one think deeply.Apart from railway transportation, the line maintenance operation is safe.In line maintenance, we often need to use all kinds of road maintenance machinery, such as switch sander, tamper, rail flaw detection and other large equipment, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also increases the operation risk of workers.Similarly dangerous large equipment, however, did not increase the incidence of production accidents.Reviewing the development history of the railway industry, it can be found that this has an important relationship with the high importance of the whole industry and the implementation of policies. The following points can be used for reference:

1. Implement the responsibility system for production safety

In order to ensure the implementation of work safety system, the functions, responsibilities and rights of safety management at three levels of road bureau, sub-bureau and station section are further defined.Established and improved the director, sub-director, station length, workshop director (foreman), safety step by step responsibility system.It is clear that the leader is responsible, the division of labor is responsible and the supervisor is responsible, each work must have the main responsibility and specific responsibility, so that the person who can really be responsible is responsible for safety management.No matter what the problem is, specific responsibility can be found.The new situation of 'first class grasping first class, second class grasping implementation layer by layer' was formed.

On the other hand, the printing industry, although there are also operating standards, safety system, but the real implementation, is to push against four, floating in the matter.If the construction industry subcontracts, the policy system at the beginning of a good, but the implementation of the upper levels of a different scene.Once an accident happens and no one is found to be responsible, everyone assumes a posture that has nothing to do with me.This is bound to lead to the implementation of the policy after * only lip service.

Ii. Revise and improve safety management rules and regulations

As a high-risk industry, railway always puts safety in the first place. Not only the industry has its own safety production system, but also the provincial, municipal, bureau, sub-bureau and station sections have their own more detailed rules and regulations.According to the author understands, the safety system of railroad profession * big one characteristic is detailed, meticulous.Require the worker to attend 'unit, workshop, class' three-level education before going on duty, when the worker changes a job, leave the post for more than half a year to return to work, must undertake the safety education of new job post and new operation method.There are detailed requirements for each process, from the clothing of the workers to the specific operations of the work.Even working areas have specific lighting requirements.Workers in the construction, must wear uniform work clothing and the use of protective equipment, operating machinery safety distance has to be detailed to the requirements of centimeters.Not only that, but also with a job of protection, in the maintenance line patrol, to ensure the safety of construction personnel.At the same time, the end of each construction season, once again organized workers for safety production training, education.All these become the railway industry to be able to years of safety production strong guarantee.

And the printing industry is very weak in this respect.Industry laws and regulations are not perfect, standards are not in place.In the search engine search 'print safety regulations', can not find a unified industry regulations, the industry loopholes.It is not hard to understand why printing accidents happen.

Clear reward and punishment mechanism

The printing industry just lacks such effective management mechanism.Do well no one award, made a mistake no one tube, as long as there is no major accident, no one knows, the printing enterprises are holding a lucky mind to relax the vigilance, just led to the printing industry accidents happen one after another.

It is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to link work safety with wages and incomes.In 2000, some railway bureaus implemented 'risk mortgage, reward and punishment cashed' on the assessment of branch bureaus, passing on safety risks and pressure to every worker, and linking safety scores with wages, costs and responsibilities of branch bureaus.Each branch bureau carries out quarterly assessment on the safety work of the station section. In case of any accident, or violation of discipline in the inspection or any problem found during the assessment period, they will be fined to different degrees and investigated for responsibility. In case of continuous problems, they will be laid off and adjust their work.

For a long time, the domestic printing are largely 'small extent, small-scale, low cost, low productivity, and it is not in the long run, the future trend of the development of printing industry must be high automation, large printing equipment, high productivity and low manpower, but not with improving the degree of automation, at the expense of the workers and how to guarantee the safety of printing workers should definitely is the key of the enterprise development, industry development.


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