SMT technology on the first floor!Guowei precision now its "three magic weapons"





Now, the SMT mounter has gone through three stages in today's era of automation and intelligence, is moving toward the 'three high and four' road -- high performance, high efficiency, high integration and flexibility, intelligence, green, diversification.Among them, the adjustment of 'density' and 'speed' imbalance is the primary goal of SMT industry.Shenzhen guowei precision equipment co., LTD. (booth no. : 1E25) has been engaged in the industry for many years.Through continuous update and improvement, in accordance with the needs of customers, guowei precision has launched a standard, high-grade full series of upper/lower plate machine, the connection platform and other related equipment.

With 'full automatic suction and delivery machine, gw-xs250t', 'full automatic PCB inkjet machine, tme-ijy330h' and 'PCB surface cleaning machine, gw-qj250t' as product representatives, guowei precision has emerged in the new field of SMT in recent years.In April this year, guowei precision will participate in NEPCON China 2019 exhibition (booth no. : 1E25), hoping to let more intimate friends taste the fruits of its harvest.

Bw-xs250t: this equipment is used at the source of SMT and AI production line, without manual contact with PCB board, and better protect PCB board.PCB bare board can be sent to PCB production line in a rhythm according to the action requirements of the rear equipment.At the same time, the machine has high precision, fault alarm, bare plate and non-bare plate can be selected and other functions, making the production faster, safer, more practical.

Fully automatic PCB inkjet machine, tme-ijy330h: this machine is an online automatic identification device independently developed for PCB&SMT process, which can replace the traditional manual and mechanical labeling to achieve perfect docking with MES system.Its perfect communication function, can achieve a complete code, multi - line printing and 360 degrees arbitrary Angle printing.Its own printing verification and anti - heavy code function to achieve the management of worry-free.

PCB board face cleaning machine, GW - QJ250T: this equipment is applied to the machine and printing machine, suitable for AI and SMT cleaning requirements, can eliminate welding plate surface plate crumbs, dust, fiber and green oil debris and other foreign bodies and recycling, and through before the printing of the substrate surface cleaning, helps to significantly reduce the printing process of solder defects, and can improve the bridge (short circuit), as well as the virtual welding exert significant effect.

The above three products not only achieve a breakthrough improvement in SMT technology, but also have been widely used in the automation and industrial control electronics industry.As the 'PCB automation equipment', the three types of equipment from guowei precision were displayed on the stage of NEPCON China for the first time, which made people full of expectations.If you are already interested, please come to NEPCON China 2019 exhibition booth 1E25.

NEPCON China 2019, which was launched in Shanghai exhibition hall on April 24 this year, not only has the exhibition area of 'SMT surface mount', but also specially displays welding and adhesive spraying, testing and measurement, electronic materials, electronic micro-assembly and SiP technology, intelligent factory and automation technology.As a prestigious electronics industry exhibition, NEPCON China is committed to closing the distance between exhibitors and visitors, and carrying out discussions, cooperation and upgrading of emerging technologies to the end.

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