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Before the equipment is moved to the factory, make the Layout of SMT factory in advance, which can get twice the result with half the effort.It is not until after the factory begins to put into production that we find that some areas have not been planned in advance and need to be replanned, which wastes manpower, financial resources and valuable production time.Therefore, it is very important to make the Layout of SMT factory in advance, especially for the newly built SMT factory. Since we have no experience in the Layout of SMT factory, it is not clear what should be paid attention to about the Layout of SMT workshop, and there may be some missing points.After the start of production, the existence of the problem point was discovered, causing some unnecessary losses.When doing the Layout of SMT factory, what should be paid attention to and what preparations should be made in advance?The following is combined with the actual case of our work, to discuss with you this problem.

A customer's production line configuration and the status of the SMT workshop

1. SMT production line:

The recent plan is two SMT production lines with the same configuration.Specific configuration and equipment size are as follows:


According to figure 1, it can be known that the maximum width of the equipment in the production line is 1.71m, and the total length of all the equipment in the production line is 13.6m. The long-term plan is to add another production line, and the configuration of the production line is roughly the same. 

2. Current situation of SMT workshop:

SMT workshop is 36m in length, 12m in width and 432m2 in area. It is located on the first floor of the factory.At present, the floor of the workshop is ordinary ground, without anti-static treatment, and no anti-static system has been established in the workshop, which cannot meet the anti-static requirements of SMT workshop. However, there are two conductive grounding terminals, so the anti-static system of SMT workshop can be established later.In addition, there is no air conditioning and humidifier in the workshop, which cannot meet the requirements of temperature and humidity control in SMT workshop.There is a ventilation system in the workshop, which can meet the ventilation requirements of the back welding furnace.Sufficient power in the workshop to meet the power demand of all equipment in the workshop.The whole workshop has two entrances and exits, both of which can meet the requirements of the passage of equipment, semi-finished products and raw materials.There is a special material warehouse, in another workshop, this time does not need to be planned, workshop lighting is good, can meet all the SMT workshop station

Brightness requirements.The layout of the whole workshop is shown in figure 2.


Figure 2: layout of the whole workshop

(1) positioning the newly moved production line, relevant auxiliary tools and regions; 

The whole workshop can meet the requirements for the erection and production of the three future production lines, without the need to relocate the planning area, the starting position of each production line as far as possible to keep consistent, so that the whole workshop orderly arrangement of the three production lines

Subject analysis:

In response to the customer's requirements, we first analyze how to position the production line.Before locating the production line, consider the following considerations:

1. SMT equipment shall avoid the same straight line with the workshop column and shall be kept away from the column at a certain distance. The spacing shall be the width that can be passed by at least one feeder after the material is loaded; 

2. The outer frame of SMT equipment shall be divided by zebra crossing. The spacing between zebra crossing and equipment shall extend outward for more than 50CM after the equipment is loaded with materials; 

3. The optimal spacing of the two production lines is 1.2m or more between the outer frames; 

4. The end of the line is generally planned to be an inspection and repair area. QC personnel can carry out spot inspection in the end of the line. 

According to the above, the length of each production line should be at least above 13.6m (excluding the end maintenance area, sampling area and end kanban area), and the width should be above 2.7m (the mounter is double-sided), as shown in figure 3:


Figure 3: body length and width of the production line

Therefore, the approximate location of the production line in the workshop is shown in figure 4:


Figure 4: approximate location of production line in workshop

Some details of SMT factory Layout

After the general location of the production line has been determined, some detailed requirements for the production of the SMT line need to be considered.Then the exact location of SMT production line and other auxiliary equipment can be determined.First, let's look at the auxiliary tools needed for SMT production line and the location requirements for each region:

1. Fire extinguisher storage area

Fire extinguishers should be placed next to columns and around SMT workshops in accordance with fire regulations. 

2. Material rack car placement area

The rack truck is used for the production of SMT production line and the material replacement during the machine type switching. In order to facilitate the production and improve the efficiency of material replacement, it is best to place the rack truck near the mounter.And, because the front and rear sides of the mounter can be replaced with materials, therefore, the front and rear sides of the mounter at least put a material rack car. 

3. Placing area of material preparation table

The material preparation table is mainly used for material preparation in the production process and material preparation before the machine type switch. Therefore, the material preparation table should be placed near the mounter, preferably together with the material carrier, which is convenient for placing the material directly on the material carrier. 

4, printing station desk placement area

The printing station table is used for the placement of auxiliary tools of the printing machine in production, such as wiping paper, tin paste, alcohol, etc. It should be placed near the printing machine for easy access and use, so as to improve the production efficiency. 

5. Place the solder paste

The solder paste storage area includes the refrigerator, the solder paste mixer and the solder paste return cabinet, which can be placed beside the column or in a fixed area around the workshop according to the requirements of the workshop. 

6. Inspection area and maintenance area behind the furnace

In order to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of semi-finished products after the furnace, a small table is usually placed behind the furnace, which is specially used for the inspection and maintenance after the furnace, and the products produced will be timely carried out the next link of the operation. 

7. Net board placement area

The net board placement area includes the net board placement cabinet, the net board cleaning machine, the net board inspection tools, etc., for the net board storage, cleaning and net board tension inspection, but to facilitate the use of the net board in the production line. 

8. Garbage storage area

The garbage in the production mainly comes from two parts, one is the dust-free paper used in the printing operation, the other is the waste tray and the waste strip produced by the material replacement.The waste from these two parts should be separated and recycled, especially the waste used in the printing press.Therefore, garbage can be placed next to the printing press and next to the mounter, or the garbage can be placed next to the column and placed separately. 

9. Kanban placement area

SMT kanban, including production kanban and quality management kanban, can be placed centrally next to the entrance to the workshop or set up production kanban at each production line to place quality kanban, so as to facilitate producers and managers to view, timely understand the current production status and quality status of SMT workshop. 

10. Product placement area

The product that produces includes finished product, semi-finished product two parts, want to divide these two parts area to come out, undertake strict distinction, lest mix up. 

11. SMT spare parts placement area

SMT spare parts including Nozzle, motors, belts, cylinder, etc., should be put in special area, convenient access especially valuable in the production of spare parts, to take security Settings. 

12. Temperature and humidity location area

In order to better understand the temperature and humidity of SMT workshop, according to the size of the workshop area, set up several temperature and humidity measurement areas, generally placed on the column next to the production line or on the wall. 

13. SMT workshop office area

Let engineering and technical personnel and management personnel in SMT workshop site office, this can timely solve the technical and management problems encountered in production, to ensure the smooth production of SMT production line. 

14. Area of anti-static measures

Personnel entering SMT workshop must have the area of anti-static measures, which can be defined in the workshop doorway, including changing electrostatic clothes, shoes, hats and locker of each employee.In addition, a special area for testing electrostatic rings should be set up at the entrance of SMT workshop so that every employee can test and record the results before going to work.

The detailed result of the SMT factory Layout is shown in figure 5:


Figure 5: SMT factory Layout result

Other requirements to be met by this SMT workshop:

1, anti-static treatment: the workshop floor must be anti-static treatment, common anti-static conductive floor and ordinary paint, customers can choose according to the actual situation.In addition, in the workshop, must establish the anti-static system, to meet the entire SMT workshop anti-static requirements. 

2. Install air conditioners and humidifiers to control the temperature and humidity of SMT workshop;

3. Material management requirements.In the warehouse, special attention should be paid to the storage of materials, coil packaging, use hook type placement, moisture-proof components to use moisture-proof boxes for placement, shelves to use anti-static way for processing. 

4, the patch equipment, such as the gas and circuit, it is best to directly lead down from the ceiling above the production line, in the equipment under the gas and circuit with wire groove wrapped. 

5. The exhaust system requires a high-power extraction fan, which can meet the requirements of three production lines and reserve the exhaust outlet of the third production line.

Achievement of results

1. According to the size of production line equipment and the size of SMT workshop, complete the reasonable positioning of the production line; 

2. Made corresponding location positioning for auxiliary tools and regions needed to be used in SMT production line; 

3. According to the characteristics of SMT plant, some necessary factors are also considered in the planning, especially in the aspect of anti-static; 

4. According to the current status and future development requirements of the factory, the overall consideration and unified planning were carried out.


For SMT factory Layout, there may be a lot of factors to consider, here just to introduce some common factors to everyone.Through the analysis and production of the factory Layout of the above cases, I hope you can know the matters needing attention of the factory Layout of SMT and the factors considered in the production process, which will be helpful for the need for the factory Layout of SMT.


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